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Creation Science Evangelism: Our Seminars Answer These Questions

Is the Universe billions of years old?

Did the Big Bang really happen?

Is the Theory of Evolution true?

Creation Science Evangelism

Creation science evangelism: The truth about the Genesis account of Creation and Darwin’s theory of evolution are examined from an unbiased and open-minded scientific viewpoint. Your entire life you’ve been told that the Earth is billions of years old and that we all evolved from a simple tiny cell over 3 billion years ago. Our creation science evangelism seminar will quickly disprove everything you’ve been told.

Are you ready to learn the truth? Are you prepared to look outside the box?

Experience the most entertaining and amazing show ever seen, presented LIVE by Moses!

Our Mission: To Reveal Scientific Facts About The Bible

Creation Science Evangelism - Producing Faith in Jesus Christ

The goal of Charles Was Wrong is to educate and empower Christians and to educate and convince unbelievers by revealing the truth about Creation Science and exposing the inaccuracies and lies of Darwinism, evolution, and the concept of an old Earth and Universe.

Charles Was Wrong is a non-profit ministry with the objective of revealing the truth about Intelligent Design, Creation Science Evangelism, and Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. We teach from a historical, scientific and spiritual viewpoint. Creation Nation answers the question, “Where did we come from and why are we here?”

Through an entertaining and enlightening FREE 105-minute live presentation, Moses himself returns from Biblical times 3600 years ago to “Set the Record Straight”!


An animated and enlightening presentation revealing the Biblical truth about Creation, Evolution and Dinosaurs!


An animated and enlightening presentation revealing the truth about Creation, Evolution and Dinosaurs!

This 105-minute LIVE presentation, featuring Moses, presents an amusing yet very informative explanation of how the Genesis account of Creation is not only historically factual but is also 100% scientifically accurate. Audience members have the pleasure of participating in this engaging and fun-filled interactive presentation.

The seminar logically and objectively demonstrates how over one hundred different scientific methods, including the Geological Column, fossils and radiometric dating, actually support the Genesis account of Creation and a young Earth.

It proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, the deception, inaccuracies and falsehood of the Theory of Evolution and the concept of “billions of years.”

A new and exciting format of teaching Creation Science is used which incorporates hilarious animations, scientific experiments, fascinating informative videos, and enlightening scientific examples mandating the existence of an Intelligent Designer.

The method Charles Was Wrong uses which makes this presentation so unique and entertaining is that Moses himself teaches the presentation LIVE! The seminar concludes by presenting the gospel of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. A call of repentance and salvation for the unbeliever and a call of re-commitment for the believer is offered.



Our free seminars and sermons have reached thousands of people and we are so blessed to see that this number is continuing to grow. Read below and see what some of our attendees think about what we’re doing

The presentation was excellent. It was very well done indeed.  He didn't just share with us about Creation Science but he shared with such conviction explaining why this matters to us today.  You won't be disappointed and the whole family will learn so much! Pastor Joe Litton, Cut Bank Community Bible Church Cut Bank, Montana

Joe Litton

Pastor, Cut Bank Community Bible Church, Cut Bank, Montana

When Moses came to speak to our youth group, the kids really had a great time!  His presentation on Creation was colorful, engaging, professional and fun. I think the kids learned a lot and were strengthened in their faith.

Nathaniel Salistrom

Youth Pastor, Community Alliance Church Havre, Montana

I thoroughly enjoyed Charles Was Wrong's presentation of Evolution vs. Creation.  It was amazing to see just how contradictory the theory of evolution really is.  Creation Nation's presentation was so compelling that a few teenagers approached me after the show and told me that their "whole freshman year of Science was basically a lie."  When you have a message that impacts our young people with truth, you have an awesome message!

Chuck Keller

Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Lolo, Montana

Charles Was Wrong has brought forward a very necessary teaching in our era of shallow theology and assaults on Biblical truth. Creation theology is central to all other Biblical truth. Jesus is not just Savior, Christ, and Lord; He is Creator God. I'm hopeful that his teaching on Creation Science will flourish throughout churches in these challenging times.

Bob Girt

Pastor, Assembly of God Church, Klawock, Alaska

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